Steel Gauge Blocks

Steel is the traditional material for gauge blocks. Gauges made from steel can provide many years of useful life if used and looked after carefully.


They must me cleaned carefully after use, stored in a dry environment and be protected against corrosion.


Opus steel gauge blocks are manufactured from special selected steels and carefully machined to provide gauges of the highest quality, all gauges have the following characteristics


  • Highly alloyed steel
  • Hardness to greater than 63 Rc
  • Aged and stress relieved to promote stability
  • Sets housed in a quality wooden case


Opus steel gauge block are calibrated in our own UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) for length and parallelism and graded according to the relevant national or international specification. You can view our UKAS accreditation schedule here.


All measured results are stored on our database using software which was developed specifically for us. A UKAS calibration certificate can be supplied free of charge with each order providing it is specified on the initial request. Gauges can be supplied in sets or as individual sizes, special sizes up to 100mm (4 inches) in length can also be supplied upon request.

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