Precision Sine Bars

Opus PrecisionSine bars are carefully manufactured from specially selected steel to the accuracy requirements of  BS 3064:1978 – Type 2


  • Sizes available 100mm 200mm and 300mm
  • Every bar is made from high quality tool steel which is hardened to 62 Rc (750 Hv approximately), stress relieved and then stabilised.
  • Supplied complete with a high quality wooden case
  • Supplied complete with a UKAS Calibration Certificate Free of Charge


Feature Specification Tolerances for Bar Size
100mm 200mm 300mm
Distance Between Roller Axes 0.002 5mm 0.005mm 0.008mm
Equality of Mean Diameter of Rollers 0.002 5mm 0.002 5mm 0.002 5mm
Co-planarity of Roller Axes 0.002mm 0.002mm 0.002mm
Flatness of Upper Working Surface 0.001 5mm 0.002mm 0.003mm
Parallelism of Upper Working Surface to Lower Surface of Rollers 0.002mm 0.002mm 0.002mm
Flatness of End and Side Fences (when attached) 0.005mm 0.005mm 0.005mm


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