The Internal-Micrometer DIGITAL

MICROTEST® high-precision mechanics are refined with high-tech electronics. As a result of intensive development it has now been possible to implement a digital module that enables even higher accuracies to be achieved than with analogue equipment. The measurement shaft, supported in two sets of ball bearings, carries a highly accurate sensor that generates 10,000 increments per rotation. The recording of values measured in 100 nm steps improves the accuracy significantly. The housing is manufactured from a glass fibre reinforced plastic and is fitted with cooling water-resistant seals at all entry points. The module meets the IP 67 standard of protection, is impact resistant, and can also withstand complete immersion in a swarf trough.

A high contrast display with large numbers makes readout easier, even under difficult lighting conditions. All important functions can be selected directly via a button.

For data transfer a radio module is available as an option, with a factory hall range of ~100m, or alternatively a cable can be used.
Measurement analysers, interfaces to all well-known manufacturers, and other accessories, complete the system solution.

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