The MICROTEST® Measuring System

Why to use our System?

The high precise MICROTEST® Measuring System reach the high accuracy throughout tree measuring spindles which are operating simultaneously together in order to obtain the stop point at which the measurement is taken. Due to a good vibration, generated by the ratchet, transmitted via spindles to the measurement probes, accrues the greatest possible accuracy for repeating measurement, independently of the user‘s sense of touch.

The plastic coating protects against spray water, dirt and thermal expansion.  The temperature-compensated design enables highly accurate measurements even if the standard ambient temperature of 20°C is not achieved, since the material expansions of the workpiece and the measuring instrument are almost completely balanced out.

On top our system is Maintenance-free!


Who the MICROTEST® measuring system works!


The central shaft (6) is synchronised with the measurement probes (1) via bevel gears (4). These bevel gears transmit the rotation from the ratchet (10) and scale drum (9), to the measuring spindles (3), which extend the extremely well supported probes (1) to obtain a measurement. The greatest possible distance between the outer guide and the pivot in the centre remains unchanged for every measurement orientation. The poly-carbon insulation tube (5) offers protection against spray, dirt and warmth from the hand. Tungsten carbide pins (2) provide low-wear contacts at the points of measurement. The direct full read-out of the measuring result on the parallax free scales (8,9) is faultless due to 100 divisions per turn which avoids read out errors. The new connection (7) offers the possibility to extend the instrument up to 10 meters, or more, for deep bore holes without loss of accuracy.

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