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Metrology Products for Gage Calibration

Surface Roughness Testing

Introduction Surface Roughness
Introduction Surface Roughness

The mean roughness matches the arithmetical mean of the absolute values related to the profile deviation y within the reference length l. Max. profile valley depth Rmax (DIN 4768). The max. profile valley depth Rmax counts for the most significant single roughness depths Zi within the total length lm. According to ISO 4288 and DIN 4287 - Part 1, this parameter is also specified as Ry max.

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Rugosurf 10G
Rugosurf 10 and 10G

Rugosurft, versatile and compact gauge unit is designed for inspecting any work
piece surface finish and capturing roughness parameter values, it has a wide variety
of probes for the most varied applications. Interchangeable probe, swivelling through to 90° to let you measure even in hard-to-reach recesses. The Value storage, output or transfer to a PC (up to 30 values). RS 232 data output for full use and further storage of the measurement results.

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Rugosurf 20G

Exceptionally robust
Dependable, powerful drive unit located in a light alloy basis. The interchangeable probe is inductive, therefore not subject to wear. Also fitted with a dedicated diamond stylus tip that can withstand any test.

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Rugosurf 90G
Rugosurf 90G

Is small-size, versatile roughness tester providing maximum ease of use, it's made specially for high-precision measurements on the shop floor or in the measurement laboratory. Measure roughness parameters according to ISO 4287, 12085 (CNOMO),
13565, DIN 4776 and JIS B060:2001. TFT tactile colour display, 3,5", three straight function keys, graphical interface.

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Specimens for Touch
Specimens for Touch

Specimen for touch helps to sets roughness specimens for single machining methods according to ISO roughness parameters.

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