Angle Gauges

Opus Angle Gauges are available as thin series gauges 50mm x 9mm or to NPL Specification MOY/SCMI/18 combination angle gauges.

Both styles are made from high quality steel and hardened to 800 Hv (64 Rc) Minimum. Each gauge is lapped with a superior, highly reflective, wringable finish. Flatness of each lapped face is 0.2 µm or less and the faces are square to the ground sides within 2 µm.
Angle is controlled to ± 2 seconds of arc. All gauges, sets and individuals, can be supplied with a UKAS calibration certificate issued by our own laboratory with a measurement uncertainty of ± 1 second of arc.


Thin (9mm width) Series Angle Gauges
The 27, 16 and 15 piece in addition to the gauges listed here also contain a plain parallel piece and a precision edged prism for light gap tests. Gauges are also available as individuals.
The contents of 27 piece 16 piece and 15 piece sets have been calculated so that it is possible to wring together gauges to form 32,400 different angles from 0° 0’ 0” to 90° 0’ 0” in 10 second increments. Additionally the 27 piece set is also able to produce obtuse angles.


NPL style Combination Angle Gauges
Available in two sets A or B detailed here also as individuals. Each set also contains a straight edge and precision square. Gauges can be wrung together to produce angles from 0° to 81° in increments of 3 seconds for Set A and 6 seconds for set B. To obtain combinations through to 90° the precision square is normally used but an additional 9° angle gauge can be supplied eliminating the use of the square. However, for angles greater than 90° the precision square must be used.

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