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Metrology Products for Gage Calibration


TESA Products


Electronic Calipers The Calipers lets you measure and position any assembly on fixtures, presetting devices for tooling or machines. Flexible mounting for use in any position.
Micrometer, Internal Micrometer, Digital Micrometer, Electronic Depth Micrometer, Precision Measuring Tool, Precision Measuring Tools Internal Micrometers are self-centring and self-aligning internal micrometers. Their high-precision thread machined into the measuring cone, combined with the measuring bolts specially arranged to provide 3-line contact, makes them the only micrometers in the world that respect the ABBE principle.
External Micrometer, Regular External Micrometers, Precision External Micrometers, Universal Micrometers, Depth Micrometers, Micrometer Heads, External Micrometers Accessories External Micronmeters they help Measuring span of 30 mm or 25 mm. Analogue indication of the full millimetres, High precision micrometers – Fast and accurate reading. Dial Gauge, Dial Caliper Gauges, Electronic Dial Gauge, Precision Dial Gauges, Standard Dial Gauges, COMPAC Dial Gauges, Dial Indicator, Tesa Dial Indicators, Tesa Dial Gauges, Tesa Compac Dial Indicator, Dial Indicator Gauge Electronic dial Gauges are made to measure in extreme workshop conditions – Water and coolant resistant (IP65) – Housing with a 44 mm diameter – Let you take advantage of the mechanics combined with digital reading.
Dial Test Indicator, Heavy Duty Dial Test Indicator, Electronic Dial Test Indicator, Interapid Dial Test Indicators, Roch Dial Test Indicators, Mercer Dial Test Indicators, Compac Dial Test Indicators
Dial Test Indicator is an inductive measuring system, patented. Analogue and numerical indication. Numerical interval to 0,01/0,001 mm Selectable scale division.
Large Dimensions Measurement, Direct Measurement, Direct And Indirect Measurement, Comparative Measurement, Universal Measurement Tool, Measuring Tools, Large Measuring Tools, Precision Measuring Tools Large Dimension provides with the features that are necessary for direct measurement of specially large internal and external dimensions, it performs direct measurement of any dimension within the extended application range by simply adding the needed extensions with built-in gauge blocks to the measuring element.
Gauges Blocks, Steel Gauges Blocks, Ceramic Gauges Blocks, Carbide Gauges Blocks

Gauge Block Company is proud to produce, our gauge blocks exclusively at our factory work floor in Aschaffenburg. Only in this way it is possible to monitor and guarantee the outstanding quality of our products.

Surface Roughness Testing Surface Roughness Testing is a robust, versatile and compact gauge unit designed for inspecting any work piece surface, finish and capturing roughness parameter values. Wide variety of probes for the most varied applications.
Digital Height Gauge, Height Gauge, Tesa Height Gauges, Tesa-Hite Magna Height Gauge, Tesa-Hite 400/700 Height Gauge, Tesa-Hite Plus M Height Gauge, Tesa Micro-Hite Height Gauge, Micron Accessories Height Gauge Height Gauges emanating from a well-proven TESA technology, both TESA-HITE magna 400 and 700 are equipped with the patented TESA magna μ system. They are designed to remain unaffected even in the toughest conditions (water and oil splashing, dust particles).
Workshop Tools, Workshop Measuring Tools, Direct And Indirect Measurement, Measuring Stand, Auxiliary Fixtures Radius gauges with both concave and convex blades is designed for visual assessment of radii.Practical auxiliary helps users to quickly align the centre of the bores against the spindle axis on a machine.
Optical Measurement, Optical Diffuser Measurement, Optical Measurement Machine, Profile Projector, Measuring Video Microscopes, Profile Projectors, Opto-Electronic Measuring, Video Measuring Machines, Measuring Microscopes Optical Measurement is perfect for checking parts with flat surfaces or any other component used in
precision mechanics. The profile illumination has enhances green filter in and it the images contrast, which makes the measurement easier, reduces all effects due to the operator.

Temperature Probes Electronic, Tesa Probe, TESA Axial Probes, TESA DC Probes, TESA Lever Probes, TESA Universal Probes, Probe Inserts, Probe Accessories, Dial Depth Gauges, TESA Printer SPC, TESA Probe Interface Boxes, Calibration Probes The universal probes are common but constraining applications, they are 8 mm diameter probe housing, can be clamped over its entire length, they are measuring bolt mounted on a ball bearing. These probe housing and ball-bearing guide are separate from one another, so that the measuring bolt moves easily even if the probe is not clamped appropriately.
  Electronic Length Measurement, Length Measuring Units, Length Measurement Units Dedicated compact units having either an analogue or a numerical display – Usually applied in association with precision handtools or on stationary devices for shop floor inspection and maintenance, but also in the measuring room.


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