Calipers are the most popular length measuring instruments used worldwide. Owing to their simple construction, ease of handling and quick operation, they are a favourite for dimensional measurement. The wide variety of models available with specialised measuring faces make them universal hand-held tools.
All TESA, ETALON, INTERAPID branded calipers are recognised for their superior quality – and guarantee you precise measurement. The flawless guide of the slider on the beam ensures silky-smooth operation whilst also preventing the measuring jaws from tilting.

The choice of material, subjected to precisely defined heat treatment as well as a robust design result in further distinctive advantages such as wear and corrosion resistance.
For quick and easy reading of measured values – one of the essential conditions for the assurance of your measurements – we offer conventional vernier models as well as dial models for easy reading and digital models for error-free reading.

The max. permissible errors (G) are expressed by the equation given below, where the values should be rounded down to two decimal fractions (0,01 mm). These errors apply for measurements taken under the same measuring force. For all other measurements, including those performed with use of the depth foot, the values obtained have to be increased by 20 μm. Calipers with dial or vernier reading to 0,1 or 0,05 mm : G = (20 + l / 10 mm) μm ≥ 50 μm Calipers with analogue indication (scale or vernier reading to 0,02 mm) or digital indication : G = (22 + l / 50 mm) μm

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