Standard Gage

As you all know, Hexagon Metrology launched a new brand, Standard Gage, that TESA has the role to market, benefitting of its experience, sales channel and logistic channel as well in that scope of products.

Hexagon Metrology launches its new Standard Gage product line

Hexagon Metrology is unveiling at Control 2009 a new product line called Standard Gage.

This range comprises traditional measuring instruments such as: calipers, micrometers, bore gages and indicators. It will then expand to include products in the fields of contact measurement but also optical measurement: a first Vision machine is already showcased on the Standard Gage booth.

Standard Gage products are manufactured mainly in Asia, by factories strictly selected on the basis of their technical competencies. Products are rigorously controlled before their shipment by one of the Hexagon Group’s companies, and each instrument is delivered with a control certificate, proving its conformity to technical specifications.

The Standard Gage line fills the gap between low-cost products showing an uncertain quality, and Premium class instruments, which TESA takes part in. It targets a global audience, reached through a comprehensive distributors network.

A first presentation was done in the USA, during the Westec trade show in Los Angeles. The presentation done at Control 2009 marks the launch of the line in Europe.

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