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Optical Measurements, VISUAL Vision Machine 250

The VISUAL Vision Machine 250 is the answer to a growing demand of industry for workpieces that could not be measured using common tactile precision tools. The VISUAL 250 is compact but with no compromise on its metrological performances. This manual machine meets most of the market needs for 2D-measurement. Featuring a solid mechanical construction, the machine can equally be used in the workshop as in the inspection laboratory. Equipped with VISUAL GAGE – the software that requires less than a half-day training – the VISUAL 250 is a perfect multi-tasking and multi-users inspection means.

Exceptional Quality/Price ratio
The machine has been specially marketed to offer an alternative option in the field of vision at highly optimized costs, whilst guaranteeing optimum accuracy besides a high-quality level.

This coordinate axis is moved from the front of the machine, directly.

X/Y coordinate tables
Both X and Y coordinate tables have a built-in, hand-operated release system, speeding up any displacement needed to reach the measuring area.

Manual zoom
The delivery scope includes an indexable manual zoom with optical magnifications from 0,7x up to 4,5x (6,5:1).

Light illumination
The Visual 250 is fitted with two illuminations through LEDs – i.e. a ringlight for episcopic illumination (top) along with a diascopic illumination (bottom) for part profile projection. Both are controlled over the software.

Laser pointer
A laser pointer is included to make tracing the measurement zone on the part being inspected easier.

Clamp system
Your VISUAL 250 can be used in conjunction with VISUALFIX. This modular system includes a number of clamping elements available in either of both kits as below:

  • VISUALFIX kit, including 35 elements (06860317)
  • STANDARD VISUALFIX kit, including 51 elements (06860316)

VISUAL GAGE allows quick and accurate measurement of nearly all geometrical part features. This software can equally be run by a trained operator or a metrologist. It provides the user-friendliness and flexibility needed to create the measurement reports. Training takes just half a day. A clearly arranged User’s interface makes this vision machine most easy to use.

Technical data

Order number 06834700
Releasable X- and Y-axis
Measuring range (X/Y) 250 x 150 mm
Z-Displacement 200 mm
Maximum workpiece weight 10 kg
MPExy (EX, Eu) 3,9 µm + L /150* (L in mm)
MPEXY (EXY) 4,9 µm + L /150* (L in mm)
*m≤5 kg, uniformly distributed

Camera and Optics
CCD colour camera, 752 x 582 pixels
Indexable zoom (0,7x up to 4,5x)
Diascopic illumination, green LED
Ringlight with a white LED
Laser pointer
Additional data
Calibration at 10 mm
Weight (w/o monitor and computer) 180 kg
Power supply 115 to 230 Vac ±10%, 50 to 60 Hz
Overall dimensions of the machine alone (LxHxD) 716 x 1015 x 753 mm
Reference temperature 20°C ±1°C
Operating temperature range 10°C to 40°C
Relative humidity < 80%, non-condensing
VISUAL GAGE application software
Provided with monitor and computer
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