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Metrology Products for Gage Calibration

Optical Measurements

Opto-Electronic Measuring
Opto-Electronic Measuring

Opto - Electronic Measuring is used to measure capacity : D = 50 mm, L = 275 mm equipped with slewing mechanism for thread measur ement through advanced functions.

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Video Measuring Machines
Video Measuring Machines

Video Measuring Machine is a manual or automatic video-based machines with unique design for noncontact measurement. The manual version comes with TESA-VISTA the software for metrology applications in the world of industry. It is Made simple to use, this version can also be equipped with PC-Dmis that provides Users with a powerful tool for 2D or 3D part inspection. Running the PC-DMIS-Vision software, the DCC machine version is capable to operate automatically. This variant is one the most cost-effective machines of this kind available today on the market.

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Profile Projectors
Profile Projectors

Perfect for checking parts with flat surfaces or any other component used in
precision mechanics. Profile projectors with vertical illumination 360° rotary viewing screen in frosted glass, 300 mm diameter. 30°, 60° or 90° crossline reticle along with 4 overlay chart clips. Screen rotation with built-in sexagesimal and decimal reading, resolution in minutes – RAZ ABS/INC. Profile illumination with green.

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Measuring Microscopes
Measuring Microscopes

Measuring Microscopes provides simplicity and user comfort – 100 x 50 mm measuring span, numerical interval to 0,001 mm or 0.0001 in high-precision built in transmitted light and oblique incident light. It is an eyepiece with angle device – RS 232 digital output – In-house calibration certificate.

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