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Metrology Products for Gage Calibration


Microrep Products

Calipers: Vernier Caliper, Digital Calipers, Vernier Calipers, Digital Caliper, Dial Calipers, Electronic Calipers, Micrometer Caliper, Dial Caliper, Measuring Tools, Hand Measuring Tools For the inspection of hard-solid gage, reference gage, master and different gages including plug gage, ring gage, thread plug gage, thread ring gage, gage block, snap gage, pipe thread gage, spline gage, external micrometer, internal micrometer, dial indicator and electronic probe.
PLS 800 Horizontal - Instrument setting and checking
For setting instrument and length measurement
With an absolute travel of 800 mm the PLS 800 is ideal for setting all comparative instruments such as bore gage, external micrometers, internal micrometer, calipers, etc as well as for length measurement at workshop level.
TPH.01 - Temperature & Humidity measurement
High accuracy temperature and humidity measurement device with data logger. Suitable to monitor and record the environmental conditions of metrology rooms as well as any other environment that needs to be under control. Data are collected into the unit memory and then downloaded into the PC so to be saved and processed via software.
DG 25 - Dial Indicator & Bore Gage Testing Equipment

Portable unit for the periodical inspection of indicators and bore gages.

MicroNet - Software to Manage & Measure gages
To manage and measure solid gages as well as instruments. It provides automatic tolerances calculation as well as formulae and procedures to measure a wide range of gages and instruments.
DDH 150 - Digital Dividing Head
High precision angular measurement, automatic cam profile acquisition, angular division and run-out test.
ULM Retrofit - Retrofit Kit to computerize old ULM type units
Update your existing unit to the latest technology. Upgrade the unit to a full computerized one, with software an real time reading of the measurement value.




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