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Metrology Products for Gage Calibration

Height Gauges

Tesa-Hite Magna

Emanating from a well-proven TESA technology, both TESA-HITE magna 400 and 700 are equipped with the patented TESA magna μ system. They are designed to remain unaffected even in the toughest conditions (water and oil splashing, dust particles). They have exceptional features that make them indispensable for the work -shop while also offering the most favourable price-performance relationship. Robust and dependable, their modern design provides the highest resistance for use close to the production area.

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Tesa-Hite 400/700

Precision in motion The two TESA-HITE 400 and 700 height gauges are fitted with the patented, opto-electronic TESA’s measuring system with incremental glass scale. Due to their robust and reliable construction, they are ideally suited for dimensional inspection on the shop floor. Full autonomy is ensured through battery power. Each model allows height or step dimensions, diameters,centre-to-centre distances , groove width and the like to be accurately measured. Excellent price/performance ratio.

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Tesa-Hite plus M

The new TESA-HITE plus M 400 and 700 emanate from a TESA’s technology has been recognised since many years now for its superiority, a key element that contributes to guaranteeing exceptional PRICE/ PERFORMANCE relationsship. Widely appreciated by professionals who can rely on their capabilities.

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Tesa Micro-Hite

Tesa Micro Hite is a stand-alone design made to measure any size in in the form of internal, external, height, depth, step and distance dimensions of geometric part features having either a flat, parallel or cylindrical surface. Automatic capture of the culmination point on bores or shafts – Dynamic probing with memory functions.

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Tesa Micro-Hite Plus m

Modular design descending from the successful TESA MICRO-HITE dynasty,
it's also equipped with the unique rotary power control located close to the rugged base. This feature serves for guiding the column that moves on a cushion of air,
commanding fast motion of the probe insert and triggering all main measuring functions. Its intuitive use allows accurate, easy handling of the column. A simple rotation causes the measuring head to move rapidly, approach the contact point quickly or slowly, probe up- ward or downward or execute bore measurement.

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Micron Accessories

Optional Accessories for TESA MICRO-HITE plus M 350 / 600 / 900
TESA MICRO-HITE 350 / 600 / 900 TESA-HITE 400 / 700 TESA-HITE magna 400 / 700 Special insert holder for extending application range.

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