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Metrology Products for Gage Calibration

Electronic Probe

TESA Axial Probes
TESA Axial Probes

Universal probes are for common but constraining applications they can be clamped over the entire length, used for measuring bolt mounted on a ball bearing both the probe housing and ball-bearing guide are separate from one another, so that the
measuring bolt moves easily even if the probe is not clamped appropriately.


TESA DC Probes
TESA DC Probes

Standard Probes intended for use with measuring devices providing fully or halfassisted
inspection routines. Compatible with measuring equipment from other makers (see page N-14).


TESA Lever Probes
TESA Lever Probes

Bore gauge with 2-point contact, it's made to measure bores and form errors –
self-centring and can equally be used with a dial gauge, precision indicator or any other sensor type having a 8 h6 dia. clamping shaft.


TESA Universal Probes I-DIM
TESA Universal Probes I-DIM

These probes provide all End-users with the needed versatility for many
measuring applications due to their metrological properties.
Short probe body. Adjustable measuring force by moving the electrical zero.
Enables parts made from materials of any type to be securely measured, with no distortion.


TESA Probes FMS with Parallel Guiding
TESA Probes FMS with Parallel Guiding

It is easy to handle plug gauge for 2-point or 3-point measurement on cylindrical bores
it is made for blind bores and short centring shoulders with diameters ranging from 2,98 up to 250 mm, features a built-in probe that can be connected to a TESA’s electronic unit, e.g. TESATRONIC or TESA Interface Box BP 880, specially suited for recurrent measuring on the production floor as well as for receiving and final inspection of medium and large-sized batches of parts and quipped with a guiding cylinder that renders unnecessary swinging the plug gauge to find the culmination point.


Probe Inserts
Probe Inserts

Probe Inserts with a M2 Coupling Thread for GT 43 and GT 44 Miniature Probes as well as Probes with Short Body, Series 160 Measuring Inserts for Axial Probes, Dial Gauges and the Like Models with M2,5 mounting threads


Probe Accessories
Probe Accessories

Small coordinate tables with accessories used for measuring centre-to-centre
distances of bores or for similar applications – Mounted on roller-bearings for
free move in one or two axes – Available in two sizes – Provided with probe
holders among others.


TESATRONIC Length Measuring Units
TESATRONIC Length Measuring Units

Dial Depth Gauges, it is used for depth measurement, without dial gauge


TESA Printer SPC
TESA Printer SPC Intelligent printer designed for the inspection of finished parts or incoming
goods – Provides SPC statistics and prints measurement results with graphical
TESA Probe Interface Boxes
TESA Probe Interface Boxes Modular system that consists of three basic models acting as probe
interfaces for the preparation and further transmission of the measurement
signals to a computer, whether in their digital or analogue form – All
models are key components for multigauging fixtures applied in centralised process control.
Calibration Devices
Calibration Devices Calibration Probes Also called «Dummy Probes», these probes serve as resistance dividers producing a given length dimension,electrically simulated with high
accuracy.The whole system provides both positive and negative values. All those given in the table are matching nominal values. These products, which have been
adequately calibrated, come with an inspection report that shows the values
(actual values) as measured during calibration with related uncertainty of
measurement. Their connection to the instrument replaces that of a regular probe.
TESA TG Digital System
TESA TG Digital System Ideal for long measuring travels – Incremental probes with a 30 or 60 mm
measuring span – Numerical display to 0,001 or 0,0005 mm – Analogue
display with illuminated colour background for value classification – Value
storage – PRESET function – To name just a few.
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