UNIMASTER model for direct and comparative measurements

UNIMASTER model for direct and comparative measurements

The perfect instrument for internal and external measurements of large dimensions. The complete UNIMASTER set offers accessories minimising geometric errors of the instrument as well as human errors.



TESA UNIMASTER Universal Measuring Instrument’s durable construction is designed for the direct measurement of especially large internal and external dimensions. It is an accurate easy-to-handle instrumemt that can be positioned horizontally or vertically while maintaining a constant measuring force. An integrated makes it easy to view the culmination point.



Measuring force 15 ÷ 20 N
Standard DIN 863 T4
Maximum permissible errors Measuring element:      5.0   µm Extension 25     mm:  +0.7   µm Extension 50     mm:  +1.0   µm Extension 75     mm:  +1.2   µm Extension 100   mm:  +1.5   µm Extension 125   mm:  +1.5   µm Extension 150   mm:  +2.0   µm Extension 300   mm:  +3.5   µm Extension 450   mm:  +4.5   µm Extension 600   mm:  +6.5   µm Extension 1000 mm:  +10.5 µm
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