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Metrology Products for Gage Calibration

Depth Calipers

Digital Depth Calipers

The range of IP67 calipers gurantees the highest level of protection against the penetration of dust and liquids. The TLC (TESA Link Connector) system built into all the TWIN-CAL calipers provides the connection of these instruments to a PC for the easy acquistion of measurement data. The unique display housing, protected by a steel plate surrounded with a rubber seal guarantees durability and offers fine sensitivity during measurement.

TWIN-CAL IP67 – Models with Short Cut Measuring Face

TWIN-CAL IP67 – Models with One Fixed Measuring Jaw

TWIN-CAL IP67 – Models with Two Fixed Measuring Jaws

TWIN-CAL IP67 – Models with Rotary Stop Plate

TWIN-CAL IP67 – Small Sized Model with Steel Measuring Tip

Vernier depth calipers

Depth calipers with:
– Flat measuring face – Steel tip – Rotary stop plate – Convertible models, short cut measuring face or steel tip– Convertible models, short cut measuring face or fixed hook

TESA Vernier Calipers with a Flat Measuring Face

Calipers with Vernier Scale and Steel Measuring Tip

Vernier Calipers – Convertible Models with Short Cut Measuring Face and Steel Tip

Vernier Calipers with Rotary Stop Plate

Vernier Calipers – Convertible Models with Fixed Stop Plate and Short Cut Measuring Face

Removable Bridges


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